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Re-visiting the New General Principles

14 October, 14:00 (UTC+2)

A Conference of International Investigators Webinar

It has been almost one year since the 20th Conference of International Investigators overwhelmingly endorsed additional guidance to aid investigative offices in their work. General Principles for Proactive Integrity Risk or Fraud Detection Activities and General Principles for Financial Forensics were developed to supplement the Uniform Principles and Guidelines for Investigations to provide investigative offices with much needed practical and comprehensive standards and guidance in undertaking such specialized work.

Now, one year on, the documents’ authors are interested in whether your investigative office has implemented the new General Principles, whether they have become part of daily operations, and what hurdles you have experienced in their implementation.

Join us remotely on 14th October at 14:00 (UTC+2) for an interactive 90-minute webinar to further explore and discuss these themes. To receive an invitation to register, please email