Program overview

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Successful Fraud Prevention Programs What are the techniques and tools that actually work, and deter fraud, for both internal and external to the organization, and how are results measured and reported?
The Oil for Food Investigation; 10 years hence A retrospective on the largest investigation in its time; what are the lessons learned; and did it have any meaningful impact on changing the landscape of integrity and investigations at the United Nations and elsewhere?
Tales from the Trenches Lessons learned from those in the trenches in industry and international organizations that could apply to us.
Interviewing Techniques and Considerations The latest research on the effectiveness of various interviewing techniques; Adjusting techniques for different cultures and situations; Interview training is not enough: An analysis of failure rates in non-law enforcement interview training

Special Sessions – Access, privacy and obstruction

Access and audit/inspection clauses External investigations: What rights do we have and what tools are available to access implementer and third-party supplier information; how have access and audit/inspection clauses been most effectively used; what are their limitations and stumbling blocks?
Data privacy and access to information Internal Staff investigations: What staff data and information do we have the right to access and what is off-limits due to data privacy protections; does it differ between MDBs and UN agencies; strategies and techniques to best access the data and information within a given set of rules?


Sanctions process and proceedings A look at the different frameworks used by MDBs and UN agencies to sanction suppliers and taking stock of their strengths and limitations.
Reporting and using investigative results What are the pitfalls and challenges of reporting investigative results and using investigative findings in internal staff cases (i.e., for disciplinary proceedings)? What strategies and techniques have worked in disciplinary proceedings and which ones have not?
Pro-active intelligence What is the role and value of pro-actively seeking and gathering intelligence in your organization’s operations and operating environments to assess risks and vulnerabilities, generate investigative leads, and deter and prevent fraud and corruption before it happens; and how does one effectively go about it?
IT for investigators What are the latest innovations in IT and software tools for investigators? (case management and intake; e-discovery; forensic; data analysis; smart phone apps; etc.)

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