Previous Conference editions were hosted by the following organisations at the described locations:

No Date Place Host
19th October 2018 Songdo, Korea Green Climate Fund
18th October 2017 New York City, USA UN-OIOS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF
17th October 2016 Laxenburg, Austria International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)
16th October 2015 Montreux, Switzerland The Global Fund
15th October 2014 Riva Del Garda, Italy OLAF
14th September 2013 Tunis, Tunisia AFDB
13th September 2012 Luxembourg EIB
12th May 2011 Washington DC, USA World Bank INT
11th June 2010 Nairobi, Kenya UN-OIOS
10th June 2009 Dead Sea, Jordan UNRWA
9th June 2008 Rome, Italy FAO
8th May 2007 Vienna, Austria UN-OIOS/OLAF
7th June 2006 London, England EBRD
6th June 2005 Washington DC, USA IADB
5th May 2004 Lyon, France Interpol
4th April 2003 Brussels, Belgium OLAF
3rd March 2002 Washington DC, USA World Bank INT
2nd 2000 New York, USA UN-OIOS
1st 1999 Rome, Italy UN-OIOS, World Bank INT, FAO