The Conference of International Investigators (CII)* is represented by the investigative office or function of participating international organizations. Participating organizations are those established by a treaty or other instrument governed by international law and possessing their own international legal personality. Individuals eligible to participate are those who fulfill their organization’s mandate to investigate allegations of fraud and  wrongdoing within their organization or associated with its projects and activities, either as part of its investigative office or other integrity-based unit.

The CII was established to assist investigators and their offices in the professional conduct of their work and to support their important role in developing, maintaining and improving the integrity of their organizations. It seeks to continuously advance the work of its participants through the harmonization of practices and sharing of ideas and leading practices. Its annual conferences enable and enhance close cooperation and collegiality among investigative offices of participating organizations, facilitate the exchange of information, provide advanced hands-on training, and enable its participants to hear from industry specialists and receive the latest developments in the field.

The CII is managed by a Secretariat that organizes and guides the development of the annual conference, maintains the website and provides continuity between conferences.

The CII’s Uniform Principles and Guidelines, formulated in 2003 and revised in 2009, harmonize best investigative practices and provide guidance for investigative offices. At its 20th Conference in 2019, the CII endorsed supplemental non-binding guidance to the Investigation Guidelines: General Principles for Financial Forensics and General Principles for Proactive Integrity Risk or Fraud Detection Activities.

The CII’s General Principles for Reviews, endorsed in 2014, provide a non-binding framework to guide a self-initiated review of an organization’s investigative office and activities by an external peer.

* formally known as “Conference of Investigators of International Institutions and Organizations”

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