The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is delighted to host the 16th Conference of International Investigators in Montreux, Switzerland, from 30 September to 02 October 2015, preceded by two days of optional training courses, from 28 to 29 September.

Those we impact

The 16th Conference has an overarching theme: ‘Those we impact’. More than just a buzzword, ‘impact’ is about the people whose lives we ultimately touch through our investigative work. Within our various organizations, our investigative work exposes, investigates, reports and helps mitigate fraud and corruption in our projects and activities. Our work better ensures that program funds are not diverted or wasted, program efforts are fulfilled as intended and program benefits are more fully realized. This has impact.

In 2000, the three pandemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria were killing millions of people a year. At the Global Fund, an organization that disburses US$ 4 billion a year to prevent, treat and help eradicate the three diseases in over 125 countries, the impact of our investigative work can literally mean life or death. For example, stolen or diverted medicine means that a patient might not receive life-saving treatment; bid rigging and kickbacks in a tender process can lead to waste and over-pricing of basic commodities reducing funds available for additional health products; discrimination and human rights violations can lead to a denial of basic health services for vulnerable and marginalized people.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Since the first conference in 1999 in Rome, the annual Conference of International Investigators has been an important event for investigators of international organizations. The conference serves as a much-needed forum to share information, exchange ideas and leading practices, forge new relationships and future collaborations, and to hear and learn from some of the industry’s leading experts on current issues. The OIG is honoured and pleased to serve as the host of this year’s conference. We are also excited to hold the conference in such a magnificent setting along the shores of Lake Leman in beautiful Montreux, Switzerland. [/one_half_last]

We invite you to browse through the various pages of information about the conference on this new website. You may also register for the conference by clicking on the link on the registration page. And do not hesitate to send us an email should you have any questions or need additional information about the conference.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge and thank the Audit and Ethics Committee of the Global Fund’s Board for its enthusiastic support of the OIG as hosts of the 16th Conference as well as all those within the OIG who have worked tirelessly to plan and organize a successful conference. We wish to thank the CII Secretariat for its support and guidance in helping us develop the conference. We also wish to acknowledge and thank OLAF for its continued financial support of the conference and for graciously providing a cadre of experts and instructors for the two-day pre-conference training. OLAF has been an ardent and steadfast supporter of the CII, since its formation in 1999. We wish to also acknowledge and thank the Nordic Investment Bank for its financial support of the conference.

Wishing you a productive and enjoyable conference,

The Global Fund OIG Conference Team
Katie Hodson, Head of Investigations
Conference Chair

More about the OIG

The Office of the Inspector General works to ensure that the Global Fund invests the world’s money in the most effective way possible
 in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Through audits, investigations, oversight and consultancy work, it makes objective and transparent recommendations to promote good practice, reduce risk and condemn abuse.

[one_half_last]Established in 2005, the Office of the Inspector General is an independent yet integral part of the Global Fund. It is accountable
 to the Board through its Audit and Ethics Committee and serves
 the interests of all Global Fund stakeholders. Its work conforms to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Uniform Guidelines for Investigations of the Conference of International Investigators.

The Office of the Inspector General believes that every dollar counts and has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and waste. Through 
its whistle-blowing channels, the Office of the Inspector General encourages all to come forward to point out any irregularities which prevent Global Fund resources from reaching those who need them.

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